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Meet Colleen Grassnick

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Hi, my name is Colleen and I am a qualified Naturopath (BSc, BNat). I offer private consultations where we discuss your health and any chronic or acute ailments you may have. As a health practitioner, I am excited to find natural and effective solutions that can help you achieve your optimum health goals. In my practice, I recommend evidence-based herbal and nutritional treatments as well as dietary and lifestyle changes to address a variety of health conditions.


Having loved science all my life, I am passionate about addressing the root cause of disease and not just its symptoms. There is ample cutting-edge scientific research that supports naturopathic treatments and I keep up-to-date with current developments. Modern testing techniques like hair mineral analysis and blood tests can help identify physiological imbalances that can be adjusted.


Together, we will work holistically to guide your body through its natural healing pathways and for you to achieve your optimum health!

For more information and to book a consultation,

Call: +30 6931091551 or

Send me an email:

Meet Colleen
Why Naturopathy

What can Naturopathy do for you?

Digestion and Detoxification

Reduce bloating, flatulence, heartburn, IBS, food sensitivities, candida and inflammation.

Enhance nutrient absorption, immune system and liver function. Eliminate heavy metals and give your body a spring cleaning!


Address the unique cause of your fatigue, restore optimum nutrient status, lift the mood, increase energy, say good-bye to insomnia and feel yourself again!

Mental Health

Reduce severity of anxiety, depression, panic attacks and irritability. Address pyroluria and genetic polymorphisms like MTHFR. Balance brain chemistry, improve mood, increase energy and see the bright side of life.

Women's Health

Reduce symptoms of PCOS, endometriosis, PMS and menopause by balancing hormones, addressing deficiencies and stabilising blood sugar levels.

Optimise fertility, support yourself and the baby's development during pregnancy. Reduce risk of post-partum depression.

Weight Loss

It's not just about counting calories! Address thyroid health, optimise diet and metabolism.


Balance stress hormones, restore adrenal glands, calm nervous system, boost energy, and improve sleep patterns. Say good-bye to burn-out and welcome more resilience!



"Colleen helped me immensely! I had terrible back pain that wouldn't go away. She explained to me how inflammation causes pain and what to do about it. I took the remedies she recommended and felt the difference immediately. I couldn't recommend her highly enough!"

— Ben Heath



The initial consultation lasts about 2 hours. We discuss acute and chronic symptoms, existing diagnosis, all organ systems, diet and lifestyle, health history and pre-existing test results. I provide treatment recommendations and may suggest additional tests.

Follow Up

The follow-up consultations vary in duration. We discuss the progress you are making and discuss the new test results.

Telephone Consultations

I offer international telephone consultations and can connect with you in English and German.


Contact Info

Phone / Whatsapp / Viber

+30 6931091551


Aspiotades, 49083, Corfu, Greece



The information shared on this page is for the purpose of sharing evidence-based knowledge on natural healing pathways. The content provided does not replace seeking medical advice; it is not for diagnostic purposes; it is not a treatment recommendation. You are responsible for your own health. Any supplement/food/matter you ingest is your own responsibility. Do not discontinue prescribed medication unless you have spoken to the prescribing doctor and are making an informed decision. The information provided does not replace a balanced diet and lifestyle. If you have a medical emergency, call an ambulance immediately. This website does not endorse any brands, products, treatments, tests or opinions. All content provided in the website is my personal, intellectual property and is based on scientific research that is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

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